Warsaw Foundry Company | Casting Excellence


Since 1923, the Warsaw Foundry Company has been providing quality castings from gray iron, ductile iron, and alloy gray iron, to customers in a wide range of industries. We specialize in green sand molding with wood, plastic, steel, and aluminum patterns, providing castings from 1 ounce to 150 lbs, in tensile strengths from 25,000 to 100,000 psi. We utilize various automatic and hydraulic equipment such as our Hunter molding machines that feature flask sizes of 14" x 19" and 20" x 24", and 14 shell core machines which gives us medium volume core making capabilities. We also offer squeezer match plates, which are handmade molds that can be used for item with flask sizes beyond equipment capacity, and utilize pneumatic and semi-manual processes. Squeezer and floor molding capabilities are available for short run and deep draw items. These capabilities which can achieve tolerances of ±.030", are supported by our Coreless induction furnace; this provides us with a melting capacity of 1.6 tons per hour.

Manufacturer of gray & ductile iron castings including water jacketed marine manifold & riser castings. Creating castings using 2 dimensional drawings. Specializing in complex pattern details. ANSI/ISO/ASQC & Q9002-1994 compliant.

Real casting experience can only be achieved with time. The process of transforming diverse 2-dimensional drawings into castings is ensured when assigned to the foundry with the greatest amount of knowledge. We have the advantage of qualified tradesmen overseeing and executing their work. It's kind of a talent that provides service which may not be available in larger production foundries.