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Custom Cast Iron Housing for a Municipal Drainage System

Custom Cast Iron Housing for a Municipal Drainage System

For heavy duty applications like municipal drainage systems, cast iron is the most efficient material to provide long-lasting and consistent parts. This BWV housing was needed for a system in Michigan City, Indiana and was a standard casting project for us.

Made from automotive gray cast iron per SAE G25000 - G3000, the casting utilized our Hunter 10-C, 14" X 19" flask, automated molding machine using green sand molds. We applied an oil sand core process as well as shot blasting and grinding. Each housing weighed 5.02 lb. We currently produce 175 of these components annually (25 per release) with lead times of 4 weeks. Quality assurance was accomplished with final inspections, Brinell hardness testing, and visual inspections.

At Warsaw Foundry, we are capable of producing all types of castings no matter how complicated. Please see the table below for an outline of this cast iron housing project or contact us to learn more.

Highlights of this Custom Cast Iron Housing Municipal Drainage System Project

Product Description
This BWV Housing is used on municipal drainage systems
Casting Capabilities Applied/Processes
Green Sand Molded
Shot blast
Equipment Used to Manufacture Part
Hunter 10-C; (14X19 flask)
Oil sand core process
Casting Weight
5.02 pounds
Tightest Tolerances
± 1/32"
Material Used
Automotive Gray Cast Iron per SAE G25000 - G3000
Material Finish
Color: Cast Gray
In process testing/inspection performed
Final Inspection, Brinell Hardness Testing, Visual Inspection
Industry for Use
Municipal drainage
175 annually (25 pc releases)
Delivery/Turnaround Time
4 weeks typical
Delivery Location
Michigan City, Indiana
Standards Met
Customer Specifications as per drawings
Product Name
BWV Housing